I’m so done with today. I have diarrhea and I’m at work and its so embarrassing and my ass hurts so bad. And I’m on my period. What the fuck?

Why do women think its “unhealthy” when a man doesn’t want to label a relationship? Its not unhealthy or dysfunctional. Its merely society telling you that it is. We are monogamously together. Isn’t that enough? So what if we don’t post our entire relationship on Facebook. Its no on else’s business anyways.


Harry and babies. 

Louis and babies. 

Louis with his baby. 

Harry holding a baby while Louis comes up from behind and puts his hand against the baby’s back and around his baby. 

So close.

I’m fine. 

(- Louis and Liam on how they find it hard to sleep after they’ve been jumping around on stage all evening.(+)

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white people: mike brown robbed that store!

Lawyer: no he didn’t

Store owners: nope

Eye witnesses: nah

white people:


And would it matter if he had? No.

(- Midnight thoughts (what made you so sad)

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i love how the boy who grew up listening to misfits and iron maiden and was really angry and spent years covering himself in messy eyeliner and fake blood is now some weird retro glittery alien dude in a nice suit